This website is maintained by the family of John and Tuly Huntington.

John Spencer Huntington, originally from Tacoma, Washington, and Tula (Tuly) Angela Peñaranda, who, although born in La Paz, Bolivia, grew up in New York City, met while attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  Tuly received her Bachelor of Music degree there in 1976 in Secondary Music Education; John in 1980, earned his B.A. in Acting, subsequently moving the family to New York for a number of years for his advanced training, and now makes his living as actor/singer/director and runs a private voice instruction studio in their home in Southern California.

The family has been blessed with the addition of their seven children:

Ian Guido Huntington, married to Angela Martin; parents of:
Oliver Park Huntington,
Simon Augustus Huntington,
Hugh William Huntington,
and Rhys Ian Huntington.

Tula (Lily) Huntington Mott, married to Steve Mott; parents of:
Jane Tula Mott,
Abigail June Mott,
and Henry Steven Mott.

Bryn Michael Huntington, married to Ann Zarkou; parents of:
Caleb Michael Huntington,
Hyrum Kent Huntington,
and Eliza Alexandra Huntington.

Edward Ross Huntington.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Huntington Croft, married to Micah Croft; parents of:
Philippa Reece Croft.

Margaret Huntington Popin, married to James Popin; parents of:
Beatrice Popin.

Emma Huntington.

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