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Upon being questioned by his disciples, who asked when He would return the second time, Jesus answered stating neither he nor the angels in heaven knew when this would occur; Jesus then commanded his disciples to learn the Parable of the Fig Tree (see Mark 24:32 & Mark 13:28). Examining the scriptures, nowhere else can it be found where Jesus made such a command regarding other parables! The scriptures examined in this paper will not provide the exact time and date of Jesus’ second return; however, it is believed by the author that by following the prophesies and teachings of Jesus Christ cited herein, the season of His return and the Generation of the Fig Tree can be identified. It should be emphasized Jesus also stated all his prophesies will be fulfilled during this final Fig Tree Generation (Mark 13:30).
Most importantly, the scriptures both command and commission parents to be the primary vehicle for the inculcation of the teachings of our Heavenly Father’s word (Deuteronomy 6:6-7); for we cannot always rely on our churches to teach our children all things! Instead, if there is conflict between the teaching of ministers of any denomination and the Bible, we must rely on the word of Jesus – not the traditions or teachings of men!!
This is particularly the case when some of the most important scriptures of the bible are not taught because of the reticence of ministers and churches to teach the bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. In this regard it should be noted that of the seven Christian churches of Asia, Jesus found favor with only two that He was pleased with due to their teachings and works! (Revelations 2 and 3). Namely, such teachings and works, among other things, lacked the Key of David and the identity of the Kenites.
However, prior to jumping directly into the Parable of the Fig Tree, as set forth in Jeremiah 24:6, one must first understand why this author believes the current generation is the Generation of the Fig Tree, and the significance of this fact. Jeremiah 24:6 teaches that when Heavenly Father begins to gather back together his people and Jerusalem again becomes a country (Jerusalem was reestablished as an independent State in 1948) this will constitute the beginning of the Fig Tree Generation: The last generation prior to the second coming!
The Bible gives us three generation lengths, one of 40 years, one of 70 years, and one of 120 years. We know the 40 year period has expired since 1948; and the 70 year period will expire at the end of 2018 -- so one can assume the Fig Tree Generation will be fulfilled either at the end of 2018, or by between now and the end on 2068. However, it seems too many of the seven major end-of-times prophesies in the Bible need to be fulfilled for the Fig Tree Generation to be fulfilled in 2018. Particularly since we know the anti-christ (Satan) will be here for 5 months prior to the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ (Revelations 9:5 and Mathew 24:22-29). We also know that the two witnesses spoken of in Revelations 11: 3 – 13 will arrive shortly before the antichrist and begin their ministry.

-2- (fig tree)

NOTE: All calculations are based on the Fig Tree Generation beginning in 1948 when Israel became an independent State again (and God began to bring back the “good figs and bad figs” to Israel as in Jeremiah 24:6). E.g. 1948 + 70 = 2018; 1948 + 120 = 2068. Revelations 9:3 and following verses address the season of the locusts which runs from May to September; thus narrowing down the time of the commencing of Satan’s 5 month’s span of deceit.
If read in the order presented, the scriptures enumerated below should give one a basic understanding of the events preceding the second coming of our Savior and why Jesus commanded his disciples to learn the Fig Tree Parable. It is the author’s heart-felt desire that those who read this paper protect the soles’ of their children by inculcating them with the knowledge that the antichrist (Satan), his entourage of fallen angels with their nephilim progeny, and other diabolical sole stealers will be here for five months prior to the second coming of our Savior. Instead of the media portrayals of apocalyptical blood dripping universal destruction the antichrist will bring about on arrival, Satan will come peacefully and prosperously performing miracles and pretending to be Jesus (Daniel 8:25; Revelations 13:13).
Of the greatest teachings of the bible is the fact that when Satan returns as the antichrist he will fool many people into worshipping him risking their salvation; these are among the people who Jesus refers to in Matthew 7: 23 when he states “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity!” They are also those who will pray for mountains to fall upon them when they discover they have been fooled into worshipping Satan when he comes as an imposter prior to the return of our Savior (see 2nd Thessalonians 2 verse 2 and following verses).
1. Matthew 7:15-23, 26-28; and Mathew 24:32-34
2. Mark 13:5-23; 26-28; 29-37
3. Mark 11:11-25
4. Jeremiah 24:1-10*
5. Isaiah 34: 1 – 4
6. Revelation: 6: 13
7. Jeremiah 24: 6
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