John Huntington - Blessing Gown

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John Huntington - Blessing Gown

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I thought I write about the blessing gown that John made on January 1986. It had been the tradition of the Roy Huntington family to wear the blessing gown that Grace Huntington made for her children and then passed down to Elizabeth Hall to pass it to all of the Roy and Grace Huntington grandchildren. Ian, Lily, Bryn and Edward were blessed in that gown. When it came to bless our Betsy, the blessing gown did not come to us somehow - we were living in NY at the time. I was so sad about that reality, so dad had some left over wedding dress material from making wedding dresses and spent the whole night putting this lovely blessing gown together... he made it by hand. The embroidery is beautiful. So this blessing gown has been made available to most of our children ( Betsy, Margaret and Emma) and now to our grandchildren. Do boys get blessed in blessing gown's any more? Ours did.
This is a great article on a name and a blessing. ... g?lang=eng
He took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.
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