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Temple Recommends

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Yesterday, Mami was stopped by President Lindstrom, who is in the stake presidency of the Woodside New York Stake before she went to Relief Society. President Lindstrom used to be Mami's bishop (he was at Mami's home when she had an anxiety attack last year, he called 911) he noticed that her temple recommend had expired and he felt the need to immediately interview her and make sure she had a current recommend. Mami did not understand why this was necessary, but I was actually touched by President Lindstrom's act to provide this service. He wanted to make sure that Mami had a current temple recommend when she goes to the next world. Temple recommends expire in two years now and President Lindstrom was aware of Mami being 97-years-old. I'm reminded of this story told by Elder Rasband -

https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/stu ... d?lang=eng
My father-in-law, Blaine Twitchell, one of the best men I have ever known, taught me a great lesson. Sister Rasband and I went to visit him when he was nearing the end of his mortal journey. As we entered his room, his bishop was just leaving. As we greeted the bishop, I thought, “What a nice bishop. He’s here doing his ministering to a faithful member of his ward.”

I mentioned to Blaine, “Wasn’t that nice of the bishop to come visit.”

Blaine looked at me and responded, “It was far more than that. I asked for the bishop to come because I wanted my temple recommend interview. I want to go recommended to the Lord.” And he did!
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