Samuel Huntington, American Patriot and President

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Samuel Huntington, American Patriot and President

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Re: Making a case for Samuel H.

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So both George Washington and Samuel Huntington married women named Martha?
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Samuel Huntington

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we are related to the great american jurist, statesman and patriot, samuel huntington. samuel huntington signed the declaration of independence. he was the president of the continental congress from 1779 through 1781. it was during his term as president that the congress ratified the articles of confederation and adopted the name "United States." hence, some people refer to samuel huntington as the first president of the united states.

here is our relation to samuel huntington: our common ancestor is simon huntington, who died at sea while immigrating to america from england in 1633. we are descended from simon's son, christopher huntington. samuel huntington is descended from christopher's brother, simon huntington (junior). simon huntington (junior) begat joseph huntington. joseph huntington begat nathaniel huntington. nathaniel huntington begat samuel huntington, an american patriot.
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