The House of Burgundy

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The House of Burgundy

Post by Ian »

it looks like we descend from the spanish kings of the house of burgundy. alfonso vii de león (the emperor, born in 1105), son of raymond of burgundy, was the father of fernando ii de león (king ferdinand ii of leon). we seem to descend from various lines in this family, for example:

Rey Alfonso VII de León (el Emperador), father of
Rey Fernando II de León, father of
Infante Sancho de León, father of
Lope Sanchez (I. Señor del Castillo de Valenzuela), father of
Pedro Sanchez (II. Señor del Castillo de Valenzuela), father of
Juan Perez de Valenzuela, father of
Urraca Sanchez de Valenzuela, mother of
Juan Perez de Valenzuela, father of
Martin Sanchez de Valenzuela, father of
Fernan Sanchez de Valenzuela, father of
Sancho Diaz de Valenzuela, father of
Pedro Diaz de Valenzuela, father of
Sancho de Valenzuela y Niño, father of
Leonor Niño de Valenzuela, mother of
María de Solier y Valenzuela, mother of
Diego de Cáceres y Solier, father of
Nicolás de Cáceres y Ulloa, father of
Ignacio de Cáceres-Ulloa y Pacheco, father of
Diego Ventura de Cáceres Ulloa Paredes, father of
Diego de Cáceres Ulloa y Tamayo de Quiroga, father of
Gregoria Josefa Cáceres Cano, mother of
Antonio Cipriano Tamayo Cáceres Cano, father of
Mariano Tamayo Valdivia, father of
Julian Tamayo Barrera, father of
Mariano Tamayo Villanueva, father of
Tula Isabel Tamayo Calderón, mother of
our Mom.

this is all recorded in our genealogy website, of course. i was thinking about the implications of this... that we could find a great deal of information regarding spanish royalty and their genealogy. some people have used royal lines such as this to trace their genealogy back to adam. however, i ran into this article in the february 1984 ensign (scroll down to I’ve heard that some people have extended their ancestral lines back to Adam. Is this possible? If so, is it necessary for all of us to extend our pedigrees back to Adam?). basically, the response is that tracing a line back to adam is a waste of time, and that we probably shouldn't even spend time researching people prior to A.D. 1500. he also cites a great scripture: "Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do." (1 timothy 1:4).

so, maybe i won't spend too much time on ferdinand ii and his ancestors, after all? it's a fascinating history though.
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Re: The House of Burgundy

Post by Tuly »

Ian, what an inspiration you are to me. You fulfill the words of Elder Scott's recent General Conference talk on family history. Thank you for your tenacity to accomplish this much.
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Re: The House of Burgundy

Post by Lily »

Interesting response on the tracing pedigrees back before 1500...sounds like there is a lot of duplicated effort at that point. Loving the information you are sharing with all of us though, Ian! Thanks!
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